Bear Bucks Accepted Here.

Are you hungry? Do you have time to spare before your next class? Do you not have time to spare before your next class? Are you in the art school? Are you not in the art school? Is it Saturday? Is it any day of the week? Are you hungry?

Well then, it’s time to go to Kayak’s!

Kayak’s, along with Bobo Noodles around the corner, are two cafes located just across WashU a walking distance away from the Sam Fox school that accept your Bear Bucks (campus card) cash monies, allowing you to buy an assortment of freshly made items for whenever you want to/don’t want to take a break from campus food/are coming from the art school/are coming from the other side of campus/are doing anything, really.

Kayak’s, with its ambiguously fashionable ski lodge/African tribal décor and delicious breakfast foods is my personal favorite of the two. I recommend the omelets–Mexican, Sicilian, and Western, with fresh oranges on the side–all three of which make for an excellent Sunday brunch and all three of which I have eaten at one point or another…or twice…or maybe even thrice…(?!)

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