One of the best things about WashU, I think, is that it’s open to growth. As a university, it doesn’t rest complacently on its “prestige” factor and instead seeks out opportunities to build its reputation as an institute. Here you can find yourself on (what I think) is an unusually active campus, full of students and members of the administration who work hard to contribute to the university–not because it’s required or because our clubs are hyper-competitive but because these people are genuinely excited about their new ideas and because they want to get other students just as pumped as they are about the school–kind of like what we’re trying to do with these new admissions blogs, for instance!

It’s exciting to be a part of these changes, and I figured it would be exciting for y’all to hear about them, too. In order to show you just what we have to offer you as prospective students to the university, I thought I’d highlight some of the new buzz at WashU today:

Armour Magazine

As WashU’s new “premier street-style blog,” Armour Magazine makes excellent use of tumblog-style posts and serif fonts to establish a “creative community that encourages, connects, and cultivates a culture of style” at the university. If you’re a fan of The Sartorialist, check it out. If you’re considering fashion design as a major, check it out. If you wanna see proof of how well-dressed WashU students can be, check it out. Step aside NYFW, fashion’s for everybody now.


I was already considering occasionally moonlighting as a food blogger and reporting on the state of the culinary services at Washington University–here’s the short story: it’s pretty darn good–until I discovered Fooducated, a blog that already does this for me (and much, much more)! Featuring comprehensive reviews (approximately one a day) of all the gastronomic possibilities available to students at WashU today, this anonymous WashU blogger goes above and beyond his/her (?) call of duty as a self-appointed food critic to offer extensive coverage of the diversity of options students have in crafting their meals at this university. If you’ve heard the rumors about WashU’s amazing food and want to investigate further, you should check out this website–it will not disappoint.

Just a few of your standard WashU dessert items…

Shameless self-promotion

Speaking of new and exciting clubs (were we speaking of new and exciting clubs? ………), my friend Ana Paula and I have actually started a club at WashU this semester geared toward all lovers of dance, even (and especially!) those who have always wanted to learn how to dance but are too shy, scared, or just don’t have enough time to participate in the otherwise fantastic competitive or performance dance teams at WashU. We’re working to bring in instructors from the St. Louis area to come teach WashU students the basic aspects of various kinds of social and solo dances. For now, the dances that we’re teaching are those that will be highlighted in this year’s Carnaval (WashU’s annual showcase celebrating the Latino/a community at the school) including bellydance, bachata, salsa, tango, and flamenco. As the year progresses we hope to expand to all kinds of international dance that might interest WashU students! Feel free to check out our Facebook page for more info about the current workshops.

Fair Trade Bananas

These are important, people! The school has made a commitment to only sell wholesale foods on campus, and this is one of the recent acquisitions we’ve made over the past month to work toward this goal.

So there you have it. These are just four of the innovative ideas the current students and administration are exploring here at the university…imagine how many more are out there,  and how many more you might discover yourself as a student at WashU!

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