The Key to Having a Great Day at WashU

Sometimes it is possible to go days at a time at WashU eating only free food.

Today was one of those days. Today was a good day.

Dear Prospective Students, I am not at liberty to reveal the exact secrets of my cheap-dom to you, but I will say that it is possible, by maintaining a careful balance between staying on top of student events and making good choices in your friendships (i.e. people with a lot of extra meal points), to successfully save your own meal point balance and have the glorious satisfaction of being frugal/worrying unnecessarily about your own meal point balance (which in actuality provides you with more than enough points and chances to eat our great food, so you really don’t need to worry about saving anything).

But when it comes to free food, would you really want to pass it up?!

And now a haiku:

if you come join me at WashU next year,
I might share more

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