3/10 – 3/18

These are the dates of Spring Break 2012 at WashU, the week that students welcome as a joyful respite from the demands of the spring semester, like having picnics with your floor, going to free concerts, and even taking the occasional midterm.

I’m kidding. College is hard.


Anyway, some cool adventures that some cool WashU kids I know are planning for their cool breaks include:

  • Tanning in Florida
  • Chilling in Chicago
  • Voyaging in China
  • Building (with Habitat in Humanity!) in Arkansas
  • Dancing in Atlanta
  • Relaxing at Home


As for me, I’ll be heading to Japan in what’s already shaping up to be the craziest, last-minute-est (but hopefully coolest!) trip of my lifetime, where I’ll be returning to visit family and friends from my hometown of Tsukuba for the first time since I lived there when I was younger.

I don’t know where I’m staying yet, I’m not sure if I can speak Japanese, and I won’t have internet access. Did I mention I’m going to by myself the entire time while I’m there? Yeah, because that’s happening.  Anyway, it’s going to be wild. It’s going to be awesome. I hope me (and my savings, and my sanity) will be intact when I return. For now I’ll just be freaking out in anticipation of the trip and the 23423042987 essays I have to write before I leave…

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