Crow Cakes: Back-to-School Edition

Could there possibly be a better way to be welcomed back from Spring Break than with a pile of pancakes covered with sweet maple syrup and fresh berries?

What about with a hug from our dorm puppy, Max? Might this be a better way?

Say hello, my friends, to Crow Cakes: Back-to-School Edition. Crow Cakes is a monthly (check it: monthly) tradition put on for those fortunate enough to live in the Wayman Crow Residential College on the South 40 like Dennis here and My Roommate Jamie.

This event is put on by our awesome RAs,

our awesome Residential College Director Dani,

and her awesome Corgi Max.

And once more for good measure: MAAAX

Today in particular we are grateful to have returned from spring break to a surprise Monday night (they’re usually on Thursdays) Crow Cakes extravaganza!

In summary: thank you Dani, the RAs, the WUSAs for all of the wonderful things you do for us.

And thank you Max, because you are the best.

(So much for never eating again.) Happy Monday, everyone.

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