This is Lazlo.

He is a dog.

This is Jamie.

She is a girl.

This is Chi O.

It is a sorority.

This is Jamie meeting Lazlo at the Chi O Rent-a-Pet. It is a fundraiser.

Yay for Chi O fundraisers!

For $5, Jamie and Anastasia were supposed to rent Lazlo for 15 minutes. Except nobody was watching, so we rented him for 40……….

…..let’s go explore, Lazlo!

Lazlo explores the fields.

Lazlo plays with his friends.

Lazlo plays with Jamie.

Lazlo runs. See Lazlo run.

See Jamie run with Lazlo.

Now it’s Anastasia’s turn.

Lazlo still runs. Anastasia runs after him. See Lazlo run.

See Lazlo take pictures with Anastasia and Lazlo’s new friend, Christian!

See Lazlo take pictures with Jamie.

See Lazlo and Jamie stare off into the distance.


Oh no! 40 15 minutes have passed!

It’s time to say bye to Lazlo!

Let’s say bye to Lazlo!

For real though, we actually have to say bye to Lazlo…

Bye Lazlo.

You better come back when I have three essays due next week We hope to see you again someday!

In summary:

Cost to rent a dog: $5

Cost to the time I should have spent writing an essay: 40 minutes

Cost of spending a random afternoon frolicking with a puppy around campus: priceless

Abbreviated summary: OMG we rented a dog OMG

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