Shady’s back

According to my friend and an article that she read in The New Yorker, there is an artist out there somewhere on the Internet who runs a website that republishes the blogosphere’s collective apologies for…

(take a guess!)

….not updating their blogs.

I used to think that was pretty silly,

aaand then I got myself a blog.

Instead of apologizing though–because I am shameless–I will just dive into my account of my past two weeks. Because there is no room for apologies in undergraduate admissions blogging! Because this is a ruthless world where life is always pushing ahead and concerts keep being hosted and restaurant foods keep being eaten and people keep being meet-en and by the time I’ve even had the chance to log on to WordPress there are at least 20 other new life events that I need to live and photograph and blog about!

That’s how it feels at this college, anyway.

Having said this, I hope you’ll bear with me as I proceed to offer you a super-concentrated version of my recent life…because short is sweet, right? And you don’t need all the details, because it’s better to leave some room for the imagination? (Right?)

Right. Let’s do this.

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