Home Sweet Home

The other day I called my parents, and when they asked me how school’s going, it accidentally slipped that I’m glad to be home again.


That must have been tough on them to hear (especially considering I spent my entire summer with them at my actual home…but I digress). And hey, if I’m in love with my school, that can only be a good thing, right?

So on that note, I’d just like to say hello once again and welcome to the second installment of my saga on life as an undergraduate at WashU. I’m now a sophomore and excited to be back in St. Louis with a new room, new backpack, new schedule, and new goals…on a campus with a new underpass, new coffee-shop, new buildings, and plenty of exciting changes to blog about! The school’s doing such a great job of easing us sophomores back into the year with the activities fair (where you can get to know all of extracurricular clubs and student groups at WashU), the major-minor fair (where we get to check out all of the different majors WashU has to offer and speak to department chairs about our academic interests), and sophomore programming (which bring our class together for some fun events before school starts). I hope you’re as ready as I am for the new year, and I do hope you’ll enjoy keeping up with my adventures. As always, feel free to comment with questions/thoughts/concerns if you have any, there’ll be plenty of posts to come!

Hammocks, sunshine, and rolling fields: what I call home

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