Half full or half empty?

There are so many cool events happening on campus in a given week that it’s impossible to even attend them all, let alone write about them. Today I figured it might be equally illuminating to tell you which events I wanted to go to but (unfortunately) had to miss out on in addition to the ones I actually went to this week.

Thus, I present you with the glass half full, in which I realize I was able to attend the:

Career Fair: Approximately a million (give or take a few) companies camp out in WashU’s massive Athletic Complex for a couple of hours. It’s a great way to get recruited for the job of your dreams or even discover a few opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Kate Fletcher: The Sam Fox School of Art and Architecture host many visiting speakers throughout the semester as a part of their amazing Public Lecture Series. To kick off the series this year they brought in Kate Fletcher, one of the founders of the “slow fashion” movement, who talked textiles and sustainability in a lecture entitled “Design for Change”.

WGE Waffle Night: all-you-can-eat homemade waffles and pancakes, with plenty of whipped cream and chocolate syrup (and ice cream if you’re a glutton like me) galore, all courtesy of my residential college (as in I barely have to move from my bedroom to find free waffles at WashU), William Greenleaf Eliot.

Ed Park Fiction Reading: As a part of the lecture series put on by the English Department this semester, Ed Park came to read his work aloud to a group of both adoring fans and newcomers. His work was absolutely hilarious (think The Office condensed into book form) and it was exhilarating to hear the words spoken aloud (we even got to hear a story he had written just for the occasion). Props to my Fiction Writing class for introducing me to the existence of these events in the first place!

And now I present the glass half empty, featuring all of the events I wanted to attend but couldn’t make this week:

Anouar Benmalek (French Algerian novelist, journalist, poet, and mathematician) delivering a public lecture on personal and political costs of writing in the Arab world courtesy of WashU’s Francophone Faculty Group.

“France and the Future of Europe”: a lecture delivered by French consul general Graham Paul.

Outing Club Potluck: a picnic in Forest Park to get to know members of the Outing Club, who organize and provide equipment for students at WashU throughout the year who are wanting to head into the wild.

WURacing Meeting: I’ve been trying to go to one of these for a year now. (I’ll make it one day!)

(For those who may not have heard of it before: our Formula SAE club is a motorsport program at WashU consisting of a group of students who design and fabricate a formula style race car in its entirety.)

Glass half full or half empty: however you see it, WashU definitely keeps you busy.

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