Saturday Morning Stream Cleaning

After a fun-filled week with lots of music and cookies, it was finally time to get down to business and do some good for the community with my fellow Rodriguez Scholars (a program that I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time and will write a more in-depth post on soon…so, as per usual, just think of this as a preview of what’s to come?).

Every year, a group of us scholars heads out early in the morning to a stretch of the River Des Peres to help clean out part of a 9 mile long stream that forms the backbone of sanitary and stormwater systems in the city of St. Louis.

With the help of the Missouri Stream Teamwe crawled around in some forest and muck to pull out everything from shopping carts to stop signs, car parts, and radios…ending the day covered in dirt (but feeling good! especially after getting some down time with free pizza and playgrounds).

Here are some photos of our day for your viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in the Rodriguez Scholars Program/financial aid/cool people/cool ppl & $$$$, stay tuned for more information about my experiences as an A-Rod–experiences that have absolutely defined my time at WashU so far, and ones that I can’t imagine college without.

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