Fall Break

The break that I had been waiting for for so long–a three-day weekend to finish off a round of midterms–started with a show, and ended with a show.

It began with a production of The Hairy Ape, an expressionist play by Eugene O’Neill, put on by St. Louis’ Upstream Theatre that I attended together with my entire twelve-person seminar on Modernism. The play is rarely produced these days, so that was pretty exciting–as was spending an evening outside of class with a professor. I’d liken the feeling to seeing your elementary school teachers outside of school–uncanny, but really cool. The play itself was great and has gotten fantastic reviews, to boot.

After spending the rest of break more or less catching up on sleep, my weekend then ended with another show–the perpetual horror show that was Fright Fest at Six Flags–and even more notably, the hypnosis show that I may or may not have been a part of……not really sure I screamed all of my latent stress out on rollercoasters and from the ghouls that were running around trying to scare me left and right, as evidenced in the following photos:

Ghosts n Stuff

“Trick or Trance” Hypnosis

The one and only Mystery Machine

Happy Early Halloween, everyone!

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