“Welcome to Cabaret!”

…declares the Master of Ceremonies.

 “Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it! In here, life is beautiful! The girls are beautiful! Even the orchestra is beautiful!”

So I took his advice and forgot my troubles at The Kit-Kat Club, Germany’s most decadent nightspot and the main stage of Cabaret, the groundbreaking 1966 Broadway production put on by WashU’s very own incredible performing arts department this semester.

It was an amazing, amazing, amazing show.

Any other words I use would be inadequate to describe how much fun it was–from all of the dressed-up Weimar Era ushers who greeted us at the door with their thick German accents and led me to my seat to the lucky audience members sitting stage-side who got interact with the actors (and get free pastries during the show?…and who I was eyeing jealously the entire time), to the actual play itself and the wonderful talent that we have here at WashU that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the show, in which a beautiful love story tremulously unfold–and when it falls to pieces at the play’s end pierces your heart with a throbbing ache.

Here are some more photos from the show:

The cast of Cabaret!

The Master of Ceremonies–my absolute favorite character.

The incomparable Sally Bowles.

(All credit goes to the WashU Performing Arts Department and Jonathan R. White Photography for these photos.)

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