A quick shout-out to WashU’s Dance Marathon!

Congrats to WashU’s Dance Marathon for earning $128,569.22 at their event this Saturday! I had a super fun time, and it was especially great to see former DMers and WashU alumni return just to hang out with us current students at this event!

The theme this year was “Under the Sea“, for which I considered my lifeguarding tank top and assorted regalia quite fitting. Though I didn’t go for all 24230230498 hours, the three hours that I spent there made for a great study break. I got a chance to do some zumba, rep my guarding gear, and support my lovely suite-mate Ana Paula at her WUSauce performance (WashU’s very own salsa-dancing team), and my RA at his Mr. WashU dance.

All proceeds from this year’s event are going to two local children’s hospitals, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Check out this StudLife article for more info and photos!

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