Live-Blogging from the Election Results Watch Party

7:00 PM: WashU did an incredible job this year of mobilizing our student body to vote and get involved in the election. Between the Gephardt Institute for Public Service, WUPR, College Republicans and College Democrats, we had a number of student groups organizing exciting events like debate parties and the so-called “November Madness” Election Results prediction brackets leading up to the big day.

Today these student groups, along with CS40 and WashU’s Student Union, put on a party to celebrate a semester’s worth of anticipation regarding the 2012 election. The night started out in College Hall on the South 40, featuring dinner, prizes, and a great discussion panel of peers who talked about their voting experiences, after which we’re going to move to Tisch Commons in the DUC for the official Election Night Watch Party.

The energy on campus today was amazing, from my professors sending out reminder emails about voting to the hundreds of students walking around bearing their “I Voted” stickers proudly on their winter jackets. Even if they’re not attending the official watch party, students are organizing their own watch parties in their rooms or with their floors, and it’s definitely the most important issue on everyone’s mind right now…even those unfortunate souls like me who have a French exam tomorrow D:

ImageThe PACKED Post-Poll Party in the DUC!

7:30 PM: I have entered the DUC in style wearing some newly acquired American Flag shutter shades and patriotic glowsticks (of the red, white, and blue variety) courtesy of Student Union. Currently trying to find a place to sit with my friends. A huge screen is projecting both CNN and WUPR’s live tweet updates in Tisch Commons.

7:40 PM: Still no luck in finding somewhere to sit. The room was already packed when we got here, though the party only just barely begun.

7:45 PM: Finally, a place to sit. Meanwhile, all-American apple pie and political cookies abound. The line for desserts snakes around the entire room, but that’s not stopping hungry college students from eating their political fervor.


8:00 PM: Our WashU Google ambassador is passing out free stuff, meaning more free sunglasses for me! My friend is freaking out about New Jersey’s vote, and every time we near another poll closing the room erupts in a countdown.

8:30 PM: Just discovered that the DUC will be open until 1:00 AM (or something) until the election is over. Party’s going strong all night long 2nit3

9:10 PM:  Some speculation is to whether or not voters will know the projected winner of the presidential election before the night is over. Lots of attention being paid to Florida. If it’s called tonight, they’re saying there’s a pretty big chance we could project the winner before the night is over.

9:40 PM: CNN just announced that the GOP is going to keep majority control in the House and Democrats will keep the US Senate. Congress will remain divided. Now whoever wins the presidency will need to spearhead bipartisan leadership.

As election night nears its final hours, we’re getting ever closer to finding out who the next prez is going to be. Everyone’s growing restless. CNN projects President Obama will take Iowa and New Mexico. He’s likely to take Oregon and Nevada, too, meaning that he might need only one more state to get re-elected.

10:10 PM: President Barak Obama has been re-elected to a second term, and the sad reality of my life is that I now have to start studying for my French test. I’ll be sticking around here until his speech, probably, but for now, I’ll be getting off the internet and saying goodbye ’til next time.

(All photo credit goes to Student Life, Washington University’s student paper.)

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