Sushi Night with Heisei Japan Club!

Just one example of the wonderful products that could be made at our Sushi Night.

This past Friday I finished off a grueling round of midterms with some delicious food and much-needed R&R with my friends in Heisei Japan Club.

Well, maybe six hours of cooking isn’t everyone’s idea of R&R, but it was undeniably fun.

Work started at 11AM Friday (not including several weeks of planning and an evening of shopping) just to prepare all of the necessary ingredients that went into Heisei Japan Club’s extremely popular semesterly build-your-own sushi night.

Members of the club spent several hours cooking rice, preparing fish, cutting vegetables, arranging the room, and assorted other activities to get ourselves ready for a night of crazy lines and adrenaline-rushed sushi rolling on the part of the campus community.

Here are some photos from the night, courtesy of Amanda Shi of the Heisei Japan Club!

[This is a club, by the way, that I joined earlier this year to connect with other people in the WashU’s community who are either Japanese or interested in Japanese culture. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far–the feeling of home and sense of community that I’ve found in this club so far has been absolutely invaluable. For anyone who has just entered college or will be going to college next year, I’d definitely recommend checking out the cultural clubs that match your interests of background–between the food and the people you’ll meet, the satisfaction you’ll gain from becoming a member of one of these clubs is something no one should miss out on.]

Toppings for the sushi!

The fish-regulators!

Our fabulous sushi-rollers!

And the chaos that was serving food to our hungry customers.

Between the ravenous lines at Sushi Night and the ravenous lines that followed at the movie theater when I went to go see Skyfall (the new James Bond flick) with my friends, it was a pretty jam-packed night. But the wait for both was absolutely worth it :)

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