Another shout-out, this time for Sophomore Academic Help

Today I just thought I’d take the time to give a quick shout-out to the Sophomore Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences, because they have been doing a great job this year of ensuring that sophomores continue to get the same support and sense of community they were offered their freshman year.

So far this year, I have attended a major-decision workshop, a Major-Minor fair, several study abroad fairs, and held individual meetings with both my academic advisors and even professors in prospective departments that I’m curious about majoring in to discuss my academic plans for the coming years. Everyone here in the administration is so friendly and willing to help you find a way to carry out your academic plans–if you need help, you only have to ASK, and it’ll be given to you!

So for those of you fearful of being left behind in the dust your sophomore year (especially those of you who are undecided in their majors like me), look no further than WashU, where with organizations like our academic advising system as well as our Sophomore Class Council, the university is constantly putting on events to help bring our class closer together, continue making us feel at home, and supporting us on our journeys of academic and extracurricular self-discovery.

If you’re interested in getting more information about the major declaration process and academic planning at WashU, checking out the College of Arts and Sciences’ Advising Page, where they have individual pages featuring academic tools and tips tailored to every class.

Happy major-hunting!

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