St. Louis International Film Festival

Today I’m helping out at the St. Louis International Film Festival as a volunteer with Sigma Iota Rho, WashU’s chapter of the national International and Area Studies honor society.

There are some fantastic movies being shown all around St. Louis this week ranging from super famous to super indie. Watching the trailers on their website makes me want to go out and see all of them, but alas, without a car and with pre-Thanksgiving midterms approaching that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

But where I’m lacking in quantity I’m more than making up for in quality, which is probably more important: as a volunteer I’m getting a really cool chance to introduce and meet the director of We Women Warriors, one of the films screening today at WashU as a part of the festival’s Human Rights Sidebar, featuring a selection of documentaries focused on human-rights issues and post-film discussions with the producers and directors.

We Women Warriors is a film that follows three aboriginal female tribe leaders caught in the crossfire of Colombia’s warfare using nonviolent resistance to defend their people’s survival. In Colombia, there are approximately 102 such native groups, one-third of which are in danger of extinction because of the ongoing conflict. Trapped in a protracted war financed by the drug trade, these women are resourcefully leading and creating transformation imbued with hope. The film bears witness to rights abuses and interweaves character-driven stories about female empowerment, unshakable courage, and faith in the survival of indigenous culture.

It’s opened to great reviews at other film festivals and I’m really excited to watch the film today. You can watch the trailer here if you’re interested.

For more info on what SIR does and other events it’s been hosting this year, you can check out their beautiful website here as well.

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