Valentine’s Day at WashU

WashU pulled out all the stops for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Not only did Bear’s Den, our cafeteria on the South 40, bring out awesome decorations like it does ever so faithfully every holiday, but our campus restaurant, Ibby’s, featured a special four-course Valentine’s day menu for students (complete with a rose and truffles for every guest!), and Ursa’s, our nighttime cafe on the Forty, screened the lovely Anna Karenina as a part of its weekly movie nights. All of these cool events, coupled with WashU’s Relay for Life flower sale and the gigantic envelope that someone hung up on the Underpass filled with valentines made for a very lovely holiday this year!


Dinner at Ibby’s!


Course two of four: sunchoke bisque (leave it to me to be so hungry for course one that I forget to take a photo of it).


Course three of four: steak, lobster, potatoes, kale


Course four of four: cheesecake!


Valentines from the Underpass :)


Flowers to brighten my days.

So here’s my big thanks to WashU and all those who I love for making this Thursday a special day :)

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