WashU Dining Services

There’s a reason why WUSTL Dining Services were voted as the best in the nation last year: boasting everything from moonlight breakfast to barbecues to “Dine with a Dietician” classes, WashU’ goes “the extra mile to provide students with the best of the best, hosting five to 10 events per week“. Want to learn how to roll sushi? Check out Studio 40, an open kitchen where students can take cooking classes, meet with chefs, and watch demonstrations.

Run by food management giant Bon Appétit, WU’s dining features dishes like blueberry crepes, vegetarian chorizo and potatoes, and orange pork stir-fry, with vegan, kosher, and halal options available. Three years ago, the university opened Bear’s Den on the South Forty, a facility with authentic food concepts, including two tandoori ovens tended to by trained chefs from Pakistan and India.

This year they’ve managed to introduce even more exciting changes that have left students feeling not just content but, according to my own experiences and those of my friends, consistently spoiled by the quality of food served on campus.

In fact, they’ve even made this handy graph listing all that’s new on campus this year!

Since then, I’ve seen even more additions on campus. The student-run Bloom Coffee has moved to Whisper’s Cafe, a new DIY Ramen Bar has been added to the South 40, our disposable to-go boxes are now recyclable and compostable, and Dining Services is even featuring a new pop-up diner series for chefs to exhibit their talents on campus:

Students and Dining Services have even worked together to propel its Sustainability Movement to the forefront of the nation’s college campuses by introducing the new reusable eco to-go box for students taking their food on the go:

To top it all off, here’s a summary of WashU’s Dining Services by the numbers:

  • Through June 2012, Dining Services has diverted over 185,000 pounds of food waste and kitchen scraps from landfills through its composting program.
  • Through June 2012, it has also recycled 13,700 gallons of kitchen waste oil into biodiesel to fuel campus delivery trucks.
  • It averages 15,000 transactions per day at our campus cafes.
  • It sells 1000 pieces of whole fruit daily.
  • Dining Services purchases from over 20 local farmers and artisans at any given time.
  • Voted #7 in Best Campus Food by Princeton Review
  • Voted #2 in Cafeteria Variety by College Prowler.
  • Voted #1 in Kosher Food by College Prowler
  • Voted #5 in Late Night Dining Options by College Prowler

And of course,

  • Voted #1 in best campus dining services by the Daily Meal.

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