What Do You Do When…

…it’s the first night of spring break and everyone on campus is gone except for you and your suite-mate?


You go to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, of course–home to St. Louis’ best people-watching and most OMG What Is Happening In This Restaurant moments after 1 AM (and some decent pancakes). I only just found out about this restaurant on Tuesday, and I’ve already been here twice in one week…

…but I have no shame, because this place has breakfast down to a science, and I can think of no better place to spend a lazy night with a friend than with Uncle Bill and some Panama Banana Pancakes (or California Pancake Sandwich if you’re feeling crazy, or the famous Supreme 2x2x2x2).

Besides, I’ve always had dreams of becoming a regular at a restaurant–where they would know me by name and order the second I walked through the door. Can’t you just imagine going here and sitting in a corner booth in the wee hours of the night, sulking at everyone who passes by while reading a moody novella and drinking a cup of dirt black java?


I can. Guys, I think this is it, here in St. Louis.

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