What I’ve Read (Updated)

Just for fun, here is an updated list of the major works I’ve read since…

Freshman Year:

The Iliad Homer

The Aeneid Virgil

Metamorphoses Ovid

Il Canzoniere Petrarch

Confessions St. Augustine

Symposium Plato

A Winter’s Tale Shakespeare

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky

Pere Goriot Balzac

Don Quixote Cervantes

The First and Second Discourses Rousseau

The Trial Kafka

Letter to my Father Kafka

Mother Courage Brecht

Six Ideas that Shaped Physics Moore

Reflections Benjamin

Notes to Literature Adorno

Dialectic of Enlightenment Horkheimer; Adorno

Illuminations Benjamin

The Aesthetic Dimension: Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics Marcuse

The Mass Ornament Kracauer

La Ciocara Moravia


A Room of One’s Own Woolf

Into the Wild Krakauer

Madame Bovary Flaubert

Siddhartha Hesse

Chronicles of a Death Foretold Marquez

Heart of Darkness Conrad

For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway

Olive Kitteridge Strout

Brave New World Huxley

The Corrections Franzen

Sophomore Year:

Molotov’s Magic Lantern: A Journey in Russian History Polanski

No et Moi De Vigan

Le journal intime d’un arbre Van Cauwelaert

Medieval Russia’s Epics, Chronicles, and Tales Zenkovsky

The Overcoat Gogol

Notes from Underground Dostoevsky

A Hero of Our Time Lermontov

Uncle Vanya Chekov

Master and Margarita Bulgakov

Boris Godunov Pushkin

Turn of the Screw James

Kiss of the Spider Woman Puig

Aeneid Virgil

Elissa Mellah

Medea Euripedies

Phèdre Racine

Ubu Roi Jarry

Miss Julie Strindberg

The Hairy Ape O’Neill


A Moveable Feast Hemingway

The Stranger Camus

When Engulfed in Flames Sedaris

Junior Year:

Don Quixote Cervantes

Inferno Dante

The Key Tanizaki

On Love Stendhal

A Room of One’s Own Woolf

…and the list continues

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