Spotted at the Chancellor’s House:

IMG_0342This picture.

IMG_0353This sign.

IMG_0359This telephone.

IMG_0348And my home plate family, bowling with the Chancellor.

An alternate title/body grouping I considered for this post included:

[Title] Q: Where else can you bowl with your university’s chancellor in his basement?

[Body] A: Nowhere, from what I hear, except WashU.

Both posts, I hope, convey the same message: bowling with the Chancellor never gets old.

[Photos taken at my second excursion to the Chancellor’s annual Home Plate Family Reception.]

WashU Harlem Shake, Take Two

Just when the craze was first getting big, Dera of WUSTL Admissions fame posted about an interesting case of Harlem Shaking happening at WashU.

Now there’s another one: our one and only Kuumba.TV, the best place to find out more about WashU’s creative community, recently published this video, featuring Baauer’s Harlem Shake, the Senior Class at WashU, cow suits, and Chancellor Wrighton. Dancing.

[Need I say more?]

Spring Break 2013

This spring break, I went on a service learning trip to Oxford, Mississippi. Working with the Boys and Girls club in Oxford, our group of 12 students spent a week working with the community to build a garden for the kids, learning about and discussing the impact of race relations in Mississippi, marveling at the kids’ creative talents in the sustainable art/music/engineering sessions we hosted, and indulging in plenty of cobbler.

It was a reinvigorating week filled with cute kids, new friends, and social justice work, filling me with a sense of purpose that sometimes goes awry after spending weeks upon weeks buried underneath a pile of papers and exams.

This was just one of many examples of alternative spring break trips that WashU hosts annually for students, allowing us to a chance to get outside of our comfort zone and connect with the complexity of the world around us in new ways. I’ve heard of people going everywhere from Honduras on Medical Brigades to Arkansas with Habitat for Humanity to Washington state to help out at a Makah reservation.


Please check out my flickr if you’d like to see more photos from the trip!

What Do You Do When…

…it’s the first night of spring break and everyone on campus is gone except for you and your suite-mate?


You go to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, of course–home to St. Louis’ best people-watching and most OMG What Is Happening In This Restaurant moments after 1 AM (and some decent pancakes). I only just found out about this restaurant on Tuesday, and I’ve already been here twice in one week…

…but I have no shame, because this place has breakfast down to a science, and I can think of no better place to spend a lazy night with a friend than with Uncle Bill and some Panama Banana Pancakes (or California Pancake Sandwich if you’re feeling crazy, or the famous Supreme 2x2x2x2).

Besides, I’ve always had dreams of becoming a regular at a restaurant–where they would know me by name and order the second I walked through the door. Can’t you just imagine going here and sitting in a corner booth in the wee hours of the night, sulking at everyone who passes by while reading a moody novella and drinking a cup of dirt black java?


I can. Guys, I think this is it, here in St. Louis.

Breaking News at WashU

I am so proud to be a student at this university right now:

“Nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom can destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) while leaving surrounding cells unharmed, researchers atWashington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown. The finding is an important step toward developing a vaginal gel that may prevent the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.”

-Julia Strait of the WashU Newsroom

I never imagined that I would have the fortune to read such news in my time on this earth–and I definitely never thought I’d be lucky enough to attend a university that played such an important role in helping us come closer to a cure! Clearly I need to reevaluate my faith in humanity.

In the meantime, while I’m doing that, you should click here to read the rest of the article.

It’s a jungle out there…

…in Bear’s Den, where animal puns and ResCollege mascots abound.



Lions and Tigers and Bears (and LeeBeau Giraffes and Eliot Gators and Polar Bears and Sharks from Res Colleges I can’t even name…oh my)

I had a great time trying to photograph these guys surreptitiously on my way back from Carnaval practice. I have no idea what they were advertising (though I’m guessing it was the ResCollege Olympics that are coming up soon and that fellow blogger Mariah wrote about last year), and I have no idea why they chose 11PM on a random Thursday night to advertise it, but that’s WashU for you.